I’ve received a party wall notice, what should I do?

A party wall notice is usually sent when one of your adjacent neighbours or the owner of your building is planning to undertake some building work to their property on, or near, to the party wall or boundary line that may affect you and your property.

The party wall divides the buildings of two owners with the boundary between ownerships usually, but not always, positioned at the centre of the wall

Under the terms of the Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 they have a right to notify you of these works and what is involved.

The Act protects both adjoining owners and building owners during the works being undertaken at or near to the boundary line or party wall.

If you receive a party wall notice, do not ignore this notice. It is important to ensure you and your property is not affected by any illegal building work or work that does not comply to building regulations. It is highly recommended to contact a party wall surveyor immediately and certainly within 14-days of this notice being received.

A specialist surveyor can advise you further from a specific viewpoint of the works proposed. Even if the 14-day period has lapsed, there is still time to take any necessary action.

This answer is a guide only. Further advice should be sought regarding a party wall notice. Jones Melling has a team of specialists who can advise you on the best course of action regarding your property.

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