What is a measured survey and what does it involve?

measured survey

Measured building surveys offer an accurate and professionally verified set of records for a building, showing all its internal and external dimensions, structural elements and features.

They are often vital if you are redeveloping or extending a property as they can be used to identify any differences between the plan and actual construction work.

Specialist surveyors who carry out the work follow current RICS guidance notes to deliver a comprehensive and specific report on the floor plan, roof plan, elevation and cross sections.

How the process works

The measurement process involves using tools including high-tech laser measures that make the process much faster and more efficient than traditional techniques, along with cameras that can instantly transfer images to digital devices.

Technology such as Google Maps and GPS tools can also be used to research the structure’s design, environment and orientation.

Meanwhile, running dimensions and full measurement will correct any errors. Also, the height of ceilings and the thickness of floors assists in the accurate measurement of elevations and sections. Where walls are concerned, their thickness is measured both internally and externally.

The importance of accuracy

The importance of accuracy in the measurement process cannot be overstated because mistakes or omissions can have costly and time-consuming consequences. These can include delays to construction work, professional disagreements and even legal disputes.

For this reason, it is essential to work with a qualified surveyor who has a thorough technical knowledge of all the issues involved and can work collaboratively with everyone involved in the project.

Jones Melling offers a comprehensive measured survey service for a wide range of property and building projects. Contact our team for more information.

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