From bedroom to blue-chip clients: Jones Melling is 10

jones melling 10th anniversary

This month marks 10 years since Jones Melling was founded – and what a decade it’s been.

Co-founded by directors Ken Jones and Gary Melling in 2009, the business has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Ken and Gary joined forces when they both left surveying practice CNP following its collapse into administration at the height of the global financial crisis a decade ago.

Working from the bedrooms of their respective homes for the first few months, the newly-formed company’s first job was a fire-risk assessment for a local bookkeeper.

“It’s incredible to see how far we’ve progressed,” says Gary. “I remember day one sat in the bedroom of our old house waiting for a building report to print off on a really slow inkjet printer.

“There was a filing cabinet at the foot of our bed. Our daughter had just been born and my wife was sitting on the bed with her, and I was sitting at the other side while these documents took ages to spill from the printer in the corner.”

Despite starting out in the challenging conditions of a major economic downturn, the business started to flourish when the pair secured work on a dilapidations job for Debenhams in Manchester – a client that moved with Gary when he departed from CNP and is still a client of Jones Melling today.

“We’ve prided ourselves on our ability to keep clients by offering them an outstanding level of service,” says Ken. “Of the first 10 jobs we did, almost all of those clients are still with us today.”

Ken Jones and Gary Melling of Jones Melling
Ken Jones (left) and Gary Melling founded Jones Melling 10 years ago this month

The business soon moved to premises at Birchwood Park in Warrington where it outgrew a number of office spaces over the next nine years before opening new offices in Preston and Chester last year.

Now employing 20 staff, including four recent arrivals, Jones Melling has made a strong start to 2019.

“It’s been an exciting period of growth for the business, one in which we’ve added significantly to our expertise and worked on fantastic projects for some amazing clients,” says Ken.

“As we’ve grown we’ve put the foundations in place to continue offering our clients the same high levels of service they’ve had since day one. We had a record year last year and we’re looking forward to working with more great people and clients over the next 10 years.”

A key part of Jones Melling’s growth has been bringing in the right people, having a clear set of values, and investing in people.

Gary adds: “The changes that have happened in the last couple of years with our investment in the team and new premises have been phenomenal.

“As well as adding significantly to the capacity in the team, we’ve had a real focus on nurturing our people and investing in them to ensure they grow with us. Our philosophy is that if we have a happy team, we’ll have happy clients, so it’s about putting our staff at the centre of everything we do.”

To mark the 10th anniversary Gary and Ken recently spoke to Place North West in more detail about their journey so far and their plans for the future of Jones Melling.