Industrial Sector


Jones Melling represents clients in a number of industrial sectors ranging from manufacturers and engineers to distributors and storage companies.

When looking to acquire a site, our market-focused Pre-Acquisition Building Surveys give clients a clear and accurate picture of what is right and wrong with the building along with budget cost estimates for remedial works required and other items that are of vital interest to a prospective purchaser.

Our Surveys are driven and shaped by a thorough grasp of your intended use – for example, manufacturing, distribution, storage, or a combination.

This means you will approach any purchase or lease situation with your eyes wide open and a detailed cost analysis at hand to inform your judgment.

As well as enabling you to get to grips with your improvement and maintenance budget, we make you aware of all statutory and regulatory requirements that may affect your productive use of the building.

Just as importantly, a Schedule of Condition at the start of a lease greatly assists in limiting dilapidations claims when lease termination approaches.

Jones Melling has an enviable track record nationally of helping clients successfully reduce unreasonable end of lease dilapidation costs, with our current average sitting at a 58 per cent reduction in claim costs.

Additionally, our can-do experts deliver a broad spectrum of Building Surveying services based on the specific requirements of our clients and the life-cycle of the building.