Building Surveying

Building surveys

We are the go-to firm for a comprehensive understanding of the real condition of a building, whether you are looking to buy or lease it.

Our extensive experience includes pre-acquisition and pre-lease surveys for commercial properties and residential surveys for residential buildings. We also give our clients the answers they need on any associated liabilities and compliance issues.

Our reports include a technically-detailed structural evaluation, analysis of maintenance needs, and assessment of any defects in the property that our expert team have located. In addition, our reports highlight any relevant legislation and its broader implications.

Our service is driven by our clients’ requirement for clear, speedy and value-adding advice that facilitates timely decision-making.

We frequently give an immediate verbal report after carrying out the survey, which is followed by the full written report usually within seven days. All our surveys are bespoke, accurately reflecting the specific risks attached to each building we inspect.