Building Surveying


Commercial leases typically set out a tenant’s obligations to maintain the property and dilapidations occur when a covenant or agreement to carry out repairs is breached.

This constantly changing area of law can be difficult to understand and is why tenants and landlords can end up in a potentially costly dispute. Our team of experienced and trusted chartered surveyors provide specialist advice on property dilapidations for both commercial tenants and landlords.

This complex and challenging area of building surveying requires a wide spectrum of technical knowledge and industry insight. We represent single occupiers and major property businesses, who place their trust in our expertise because they know we deliver consistently reliable dilapidations advice.

Every dilapidations claim is different because the individual characteristics of properties, and the individual conditions and covenants in the lease, are never the same. Our professional and objective approach to dilapidations disputes means we are best placed to represent our clients and secure the best possible settlement.

Some of the specific services provided by our dilapidations surveyors are:

  • Terminal schedule of dilapidations to understand potential repairs liabilities at lease end
  • Interim schedule of dilapidations to understand potential repairs liabilities at any point during the lease
  • Repairs notices to ensure any required works are carried out as part of a lease renewal
  • Diliapidations assessments to determine potential future liabilities, for example as part of a property transaction or business purchase.