Building Surveying

Leasehold advice and tenant alterations

There are many things to consider when granting or taking on a lease. This may include a whole range of agreements and covenants that need to be properly worded in the lease.

Examples may include what alterations the tenant can make to the property, the condition the property needs to be kept in, and what parts of the building are the landlord or tenant’s responsibility.

Our experienced surveyors advise both landlords and tenants on many of these issues. We can provide services including pre-lease surveys, schedules of condition, schedules of fixtures and fittings, and a host of other advice that can protect you from financial liability.

We can provide advice on Licences to Alter for leasehold properties, for example where a tenant wishes to remove internal walls, change the windows or flooring, or install extra kitchen or washroom facilities.

Whatever your situation, our specialist building surveyors are the go-to people who can give you the best possible advice to achieve a value-for-money outcome.