Building Surveying

Reinstatement cost assessments (RCAs)

Carrying out Reinstatement Cost Assessments (RCAs) is a highly specialised field of expertise that involves the valuation of the reinstatement of properties for insurance purposes.

Our team of seasoned chartered surveyors calculate demolition and rebuild costs if a property is destroyed – which is typically a condition of your building insurance cover.

Whether it’s a single property or portfolio, we carry out a comprehensive and detailed assessment of all aspects to accurately value the reinstatement costs of commercial and domestic properties. We also help you keep your RCAs up to date.

It is also worth keeping in mind that a professionally produced RCA can cut your insurance bill by giving you an accurate property value that can be used when seeking quotations for building cover.

An undervalued property could mean you getting significantly less than the true value of a claim, while an up-to-date RCA will help to make sure you are adequately covered.