Quantity Surveying

Bills of Quantities

There are few other industries outside of construction where such a level of accuracy is required in determining the quantity of materials required, cost forecasting, cash flow projections and project duration.

Bills of Quantities are therefore a vital tool in providing a high level of cost certainty in the administration of your construction project.

Jones Melling’s team of quantity surveyors have extensive experience in developing highly accurate Bills of Quantities, allowing both contractors and clients to improve procurement, effectively manage project deliverables, and reduce risk.

In this way, our Bills of Quantities enable contractors to develop a robust price for the project, resource projects appropriately, and keep their own overhead costs down to levels where they are easier to forecast.

For clients, we are able to develop Bills of Quantities that are an invaluable asset in the procurement of construction projects, allowing the effective drawing up of contracts, and quantifying risk and cost control for a project.

We are also able to assist architects in their role assisting with variations to construction works, loss and expense claims and the administration of interim and final valuations of the project.