Quantity Surveying

Dispute and claim management

There are many reasons for construction disputes, from client changes and unexpected complications, to poor contractor performance and adverse weather. What’s most important is the manner and time in which disputes are resolved.

Our experienced surveyors are able to review any deemed dispute between parties to a construction contract. We can provide our clients with a clear assessment of their position, identifying strengths and weaknesses and a summary of routes and options of resolution.

Where possible issues can be resolved informally, and Jones Melling has a strong track record in facilitating resolutions without the need for court proceedings.

Where matters can’t be resolved through negotiation, we are fully versed in assisting our clients through more formal contract dispute resolution, including mediation, adjudication, arbitration and litigation.

If things do go legal, our team is able to provide detailed reports to legal teams to assess a client’s entitlement or liability. We can also provide independent and unbiased expert witness evidence.